PhD Thesis Writing

If you decide to pursue postgraduate studies, phd thesis writing is the most important part of your academic career. Writing thesis is time-consuming process, as you have to decide on the topic and make profound research, which also includes literature review and choosing methodology for research. In general, thesis is a research report, which concern series of problems in the field of your studies. In thesis, you should combine previously gained knowledge, involve scientific methodologies and approaches for research and make your own assumptions, suggestions and proposals. For the majority of students thesis is challenging, as its main purpose is to discover something new and to make proposals, which could be implemented in real practice.

As we understand that writing thesis is challenging, we will give you general structure to help you get started. Still, we recommend you to use the guides for thesis writing of your university or college, as requirements to the structure may differ, or some thesis.

As usually, the first page is Copyright Waiver. In general, every education institutions has a form for this page and in some universities it is not obligatory. Copyright waiver allows university library to publish your work.

The following page is declaration. As usually, it is also a standardized page, so make sure you have a form for it. On this page, you usually write that you declare that the work is really yours and it does not contain material that was previously published.

The third is title page. As usually, it contains title, author name, degree, faculty, university, date, etc.

Thus, let us give you the structure for thesis.

  • Abstract: it is your executive page, which should contain precise descriptions of the problems researched and addressed, the methods applied, and finally, your research findings and conclusions.
  • Acknowledgments: thankful page to those who have helped and assisted in writing the thesis.
  • Table of contents.
  • Introduction: it is the opening section, which has to inform the readers what you are writing about, what your goals are. The main purpose is to state the problem you are going to research and propose solutions.
  • Literature review.
  • Middle chapters: contain theory on the topic, your findings, methodology applied, etc.
  • Final chapter: discussions, conclusions and suggestions for further research.
  • References.
  • Appendices.

Thus, thesis is a culmination of your studies, as you have to combine gained knowledge and integrate different methodologies and approaches in order to discover something new in the field of research.

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