May 25, 2015 — 9:36

Students are always having a problem when it comes to differentiating reputable writing services from writing services that are fake especially when thousands of writing companies working online say that they are committed to delivering quality products. Time constraints that are brought about demands from school work coupled with ignorance on the qualities that make writing companies credible make students vulnerable to scammers. Unfortunately, the online space has too many scammers who are out to make money quickly without really working hard. These scammers look for innocent students and instead of producing original products, they often send them plagiarized work that is written in poor English and one that cannot pass any school or plagiarism test.

This is the problem that we want to solve for you here. We have figured that providing students with the details that they need, we can save students the frustrations that are brought about by the sham writing companies. We strive to gather this information from different sources and making it available to students for free so that they can be able to make informed choices. Our initial and most effective strategy of addressing this problem is through publishing consumer reports that depict how writing companies meet the needs of students in terms of providing quality products, pricing of their products, submitting work on time and customer satisfaction. These reports are often generated from the results of our independent research and the information that we gather from customer reviews. The reports also show how different companies rank according to their performance which makes it even easier to find good writing services.



We also give students some important hints that they can use to identify great services. We advise them to look are things such as communicating platforms that a writing company uses to tell whether it is reputable or not. Usually, it is important to look out for telephone or chat services. Other things that a reputable company will usually have include a redress mechanism, an order form that captures important details such as reference materials and formatting style, staff credentials, written work samples, policies that show the rights that customers have, and a well written professional website. We also encourage students to take time and read customer reviews available about the writing service as those will often provide great insights about the writing company.

generalstafflibrary.com gives students access to the best ranked writing services by including links to their sites and featuring their video clips on this site. In these clips, students who want to hire writing services will see how their ordering, operating and delivery processes work prior to hiring them. All these details help in reducing the level of student vulnerability to sham writing companies enabling them to find good services easily and fast.