Cypop5 Task 9

Typical behaviours exhibited by children linked to their stage of development and events in their lives. Behaviour and how and why behaviour can be linked to stage of development or key events in life Baby picks up a toy and strikes another child with it. – Babies do not have any concept of the feeling … [Read more…]

Cypop5 Task 5

CYPOP5 TASK 5 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 As a childminder my aim is to provide a safe environment. In my home I provide: Age related toys to avoid choking etc and those are not broken or have sharp edges. Stair gates on doors Smoke alarms fitted on each floor that are checked regularly First … [Read more…]

Cypop5 Task 1

CYPOP5 TASK 1 1.1- Outline the current legislation covering home based childcare and the role of regulatory bodies. Children Act 1989 Children Act 2004 Childcare Act 2006 The Children Act was first introduced in 1989. The law acknowledged that all children had rights, it stated: ???The needs of the child are paramount???. In 2004 the … [Read more…]

Cypop5 Task 1

As Parents I would like you to provide you with the following up-to-date legislation impacting on home-based childcare to ensure that your children are provided with the best care possible whilst with me. The two most important pieces of legislation covering home-based childcare are the Children Act (2004) and the Childminding and Daycare (wales) Regulations … [Read more…]

Cypop5 Assessment 1

Assessment Task 1 ??“ Vicky Andrews Children Act (2004) This Act identifies five outcomes for all children. Every child has the right to: Be healthy Stay safe Enjoy and achieve Make a positive contribution Achieve economic well-being The Act requires for all children to be treated as individuals and to recognise that they are all … [Read more…]

Cypop5 1.1

After reviewing the legislation appertaining to children, and whilst all is relevant to a point, choose and complete the table below with the legislation you think is the most relevant to home-based childcare Legislation | Why is it relevant to Home-based childcare | Children Act (1989) | Children??™s rights were first acknowledge for the first … [Read more…]


As a parent you may wish to know the legal issues surrounding your child/childrens rights when taking them to a home-based childcarer. Legislation is the laws of the country that define rules and regulations passed by Acts of Parliament. There are numerous laws relating to children and young people in the UK including the Education … [Read more…]

Cypop Task 6

Parents Charter At little Birdie Childminding, we work hard to create positive relationships with the parents, carers and families of the children in our setting. We do this so that we can build trust with you and keep you informed of your childs day, development and achievements! This gives you peace of mind of the … [Read more…]

Cypop 5

Parents are the first educators of their children and it is very important that anyone working with children and young people makes every possible effort to establish effective partnerships with parents. Children are more likely to reach their full potential if good lines of communication and sound relationships with their parents have been established. Since … [Read more…]