Identity and Belonging

Belonging is being seen as being able to feel accepted and welcomed for who you are. Any person can feel like they belong when they are in a particular situation, at a specific place or with a group of people. There are certain groups in our lives which we are associated with, such as social, … [Read more…]


This treatment of Indigenous people is not unique to Australia. Its happened amongst every country that has indigenous cultures. Aborigines have fought for years for recognition of what our government and society did to their culture and until only recently this was acknowledged. Highlighted in the media are the drug and alcohol abuse, child rapes … [Read more…]

Identifying Your Values with Kudler Fine Foods

Identifying Your Values And How Your Values Align With The Values of Kudler Fine Foods By Janelle Margery H. Azurin University of Phoenix Values as defined by Heathfield (2010), ???are traits or qualities that are considered worthwhile; they represent your highest priorities and deeply held driving forces.??? Values are everything that has happened in an … [Read more…]


Subordinate Group: African Americans September 3, 2011 ETH125 My name is Robin and I am an 13 year old African American. I was born a slave, and have been a slave my whole life until now. I and my family are the rare lucky ones. We have lived on the plantations since I remember. Most … [Read more…]

Identifying with Gardners Theory

Gardner??™s theory on the learning process is broken down into seven types of intelligence. Logical-Mathematical intelligence is reasoning, calculating. Think conceptually, abstractly and are able to see and explore patterns and relationships. People with this learning intelligence can be taught through logic games, investigations, mysteries. Linguistic intelligence is using words effectively. These learners have highly … [Read more…]


Question 2-48 | 2006 | 10% increase | 2007 | Net Sales | 68,222.00 | 6,822.20 | 75,044.20 | Cost of product sold | 33,125.00 | 3,312.50 | 36,437.50 | Selling, gen & Admin | 21,848.00 | | 21,848.00 | Operating Income | 13,249.00 | ?  | 16,758.70 | % | 19.42 | | 22.33 … [Read more…]

Identifying Torts & Regulatory Risks

Running head: IDENTIFYING TORTS AND REGULATORY RISKS Identifying Torts and Regulatory Risks University of Phoenix Identifying Torts and Regulatory Risks This paper will explain a plan I created that can be used by companies like Alumina Inc. on how to identify common torts and regulatory risks. This plan will explain how to identify tort liabilities … [Read more…]


Culture is significant to international business? activity! It can be argued that culture is significant to some countries for international business activity, however less significant for other countries. For example, USA believe in the theory that it is unnecessary to build a relationship with the host country whom they are doing business with; in terms of … [Read more…]