Database Systems

Database systems help to organize information on a computer. Database systems allow an organization to be able to run smoothly, this means that database systems give a convenient way to handle business transactions. The Database systems that are used in my workplace are the DBMS. The DBMS helps us to support, organize, store, delete or … [Read more…]

Database Fundamentals

Student Number: 200202650 School of Engineering & Computing Course: HNC Business Information Technology Module: Database Fundamentals Module Reference: CSH1025 Tutor: Adrian Stevart Date: Monday, 21 June 2004 CONTENTS | |ix | |User Requirements |1 | |Normalization |1 | |Forms and there uses |1 | |Data Entry Procedures |1 | |Data Validation |2 | |Query Based … [Read more…]

Database Configuration

Database configurations can be quite confusing in a healthcare facility. This is mostly because there are so many types of databases and each is designed for a specific purpose. A given organization may have many different database configurations because the organization needs systems that can perform the many different functions required for operations on a … [Read more…]

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing Data warehouse is a repository of an organizations electronically stored data. Data warehouses are designed to facilitate reporting and analysis[1]. This definition of the data warehouse focuses on data storage. However, the means to retrieve and analyze data, to extract, transform and load data, and to manage the data dictionary are also considered … [Read more…]

Data Table Analysis

Running head: KUDLER FINE FOODS Kudler Fine Foods: Data Table Analysis Colleen Barbee University of Phoenix May 3, 2010 Abstract Data tables are used to arrange data in such a way to represent or communicate data analysis. Data tables can vary in structure, flexibility, notation, representation and use. This brief will evaluate the design elements … [Read more…]

Data Table Analysis

Data Table Analysis Mary Carter University of Phoenix Accounting Information Systems ACC 542 Michael Wells December 12, 2010 Data Table Analysis Kathy Kudler established Kudler Fine Foods In 1998 in La Jolla. At the time and with only one location, Kathy opted to employ Microsoft Access for tracking inventory, sales, orders, employees, and customers. Inventory … [Read more…]

Data Table Analysis-Kudler Fine Foods

Running Head: Data Table Analysis Mirjana Elez June 7, 2010 ACCT/542 University Of Phoenix Data Table Analysis In this paper, I will evaluate the design elements of the data tables from an accounting perspective, create an entity relationships diagram illustration the existing data tables, and recommend improvements to the data tables. I will also create … [Read more…]

Data Table Analysis for Kudler Fine Foods

Data Table Analysis for Kudler Fine Foods In this brief, I will determine the design elements of data tables using accounting ideas to develop entity relationship diagrams illustrating the data tables already used and create entity relationship diagrams advising other alternatives to improve the data tables. I will also include a pivot table using the … [Read more…]

Data Protection Act

DATA PROTECTION FACTSHEET Data protection covers how information about living identifiable persons is used The Data Protection Act ??™98 strikes a balance between the rights of individuals and the sometimes competing interests of those with legitamite reasons for using personnel information 8 Principles of good practise (processing information) 1 Fairly and lawfully gained 2 Processed … [Read more…]

Data Modelling

Product Development Ihort was given the opportunity to develop and market a new type of Voice Recognition Device (VRD) that has advanced capabilities for controlling computer applications based on natural language or spoken command. The over all purpose and objective of this report is to provide feedback and broader view of the market in which … [Read more…]