Cypw Level 2

Effects of Transitions Starting School Children moving from nursery to primary school may become shy and withdraw as they may not know anyone at their new school, they may also feel isolated or they may enjoy making new friends. Sometimes the Childs behaviour may change, they may start showing unwanted behaviour, or they may become … [Read more…]

Cyps 076

Unit 076 Outcome 4 4.1 On accepting any child into our setting we have a settling in policy where we meet the parents/carers preferably with the child in a familiar setting such as home or play area so the child feels safe and secure on initial meeting at this point we go through policy and … [Read more…]

Cyprus Problem

AA100 THE ARTS ??“ PAST AND PRESENT TMA: 03 QUESTION TITLE How does the newspaper review help us to understand Callas??™s reputation as a diva A Diva is a female operatic star. Callas fits on this definition because of her talented natural voice. Cassidy wrote a review article about Maria Meneghini Callas on her singing … [Read more…]

Cypops 5

SAFE SUPERVISION IN THE HOME BASED SETTING AND OFF SITE In accordance with Early Years Foundation Statutory Guidance, it is your responsibility as a registered child minder that any child in your care is keep safe and secure, in the setting and off site. Ensuring all areas accessible to children are safe and free from … [Read more…]